Monday, November 7, 2016

Anger Ages!!

Paul yelled at the top of his voice, “Are you totally deaf?” He flung the cup he held, spilling coffee on the carpet.

Paul actually was caring, generous, full of fun and ever so helpful. But anger, he could not control. His children loved to spend time with him, but were wary of what they spoke lest they provoked him. Laura, his wife avoided discussions with Paul for the same reason.

Life was a see-saw of emotions for the whole family, pivoted on Paul’s disposition. Besides creating unpleasantness all around, the emotion which engulfs an angry Paul, and thousands like him, rings scores of warning bells.

What happens you get angry? You stand at a higher risk to develop symptoms of
  1. Hypertension 
  2. Cardiac problems Acidity and heartburn 
  3. Damage to the lungs 
  4. Eczema 

 There are other concerns too. If you don’t do something about anger, it is likely you will fell prey to problems like

  1. Eating disorders 
  2. Depression leading to actions of self destruction 
  3. Substance abuse 

 With these and many more issues to tackle, you will start aging prematurely. Yes, that’s what anger does. The intensely negative influence of anger ages you irreversibly.

 The physiological stress that results from chronic anger will speed up physical deterioration. Wrinkles appear before they ought to, there is a likelihood of hair loss, your health parameters take a beating -

In short, you start growing old much earlier than you really ought to.

So how do you manage anger before it gets the better of you.  Here are 10 simple steps for successful anger management
1)   The much written about, quite clich├ęd advice is truly the most practical one! Yes! Count till 10 before you react in anger
2)  Breathe in and breathe out slowly, while counting
3) Identify the parameters that make you angry. Learn to manage them. If you are angry because of your failure to complete a task, then plan on how you should react when you face failure again
4)  Indulge in actions/activities that help you calm down and make you feel more relaxed  and less angry
5)  Look out for physiological indicators which indicate that you will soon lose your temper.  It may be quickening of breath, or it may be a faster heartbeat - 
6) Controlling the outburst by keeping the feelings locked inside your mind leads to stress too – sometimes this causes more harm; you can take up a rigorous physical activity like cycling, trekking and so on to take your mind away from anger. The adrenaline flowing through your body will quell the negativity and make you feel good!
7)  Eat healthy! Include generous portions of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals and snack.
8) Own up responsibility for your outburst. Be genuinely repentant and reach out to those who have been affected by your anger.
9) Assure them and yourself that you are working on your problem and will definitely conquer it soon
10)  Get professional help if required 

Friday, April 3, 2015

8 Ways in which Sleep aids Anti-aging

 (And 8 Tricks to Help you Sleep Better)

The Dalai Lama accords a lot of importance by saying, “Sleeping is the best meditation”.  Anti-aging never had a better ally than a healthy sleeping habit! Sleep creates an automatic shield against skin aging and strengthens your immune system in several ways.  Want to know how?
Good sleeping habits help in giving you

1.      Skin rejuvenation by keeping at bay
a)      Puffy eyelids
b)      Wrinkles and fine lines
c)      Dark circles around the eyes
d)      Acne
2.      A glowing complexion
3.      Alert, calm and refreshed on waking
4.      Less mood swings, more optimism and enthusiasm
5.      Motor skills and memory improved
6.      Cellular regeneration that helps in keeping you looking good and feeling good
7.      Inflammation, if any, is reduced
8.      Increased life span due to improved
    a)      Endocrine levels and glucose tolerance
    b)      Immune system
    c)      Blood pressure levels
    d)      Memory power, alertness and performance
    e)      Body fat levels

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Wondrous Lemon - Keeping you Young and Fit!

There are umpteen ways, in which you can look and feel younger.  A huge array of cosmetic aids (ranging from rejuvenating creams to botox shots to sophisticated microdermabrasion procedures) can chip away years from your appearance . . . 
Yet, from time immemorial, there have been some simple, ingenious practices that, people claim, have helped maintain both their glowing complexions and general good health…,
The simple lemon is nature’s gift to humanity.  Its health and beauty enhancing properties are countless and invaluable.
Here are two simple daily routine practices that can make you look and feel good.  Include these in your daily health/beauty regimen.
The pre-bath face lotion

In a dish containing a tablespoon of very hot milk, squeeze in drops of fresh lime juice.  Keep adding drops of lime juice until the milk curdles. Allow the curdled milk to cool.  Now dip fingertips into the milk and apply it all over your face and neck. 
After fifteen minutes wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Within a week or two your complexion will acquire a glow.
Why is this good?
Lemon and milk are both rich in alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in its natural form.  AHA is good for your skin because it can help
·        Exfoliation: removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells
·        Makes skin smoother and even, and reduces wrinkles
·        Stimulates collagen and elastin (Collagen makes your skin firm while elastin keeps it taut) content in your skin structure

Drink water as soon as you wake up
Add freshly squeezed lime to a cup of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning, before that refreshing cuppa.  You can have up to three glasses of this lime water. 
Why should you?
There are a dozen or more invaluable benefits of this simple ritual. Warm lime water
·        Acts as a diuretic and in the process of cleansing, removes the toxins from your body
·        Stimulates the digestive organs to produce the right juices that aid better digestion
·        Acidity affecting digestive system is reduced and the right pH levels maintained
·        Helps in weight loss due to presence of the enzyme pectin
·    Antioxidants present in lime juice help firm the skin, give it a natural glow and keep wrinkles in

·        Reduces the risk of kidney stones
·        Immune system gets a booster dose of nutrients that helps
1.      Resistance to cold and other respiratory ailments
2.      Improved nerve functioning
3.      Control blood pressure at optimum level
4.      Increased absorption of iron by your body
5.      Act as an anti-inflammatory agent
6.      Replace lost fluids in lymph system and hydrates whole body optimally
So, next time you visit this page, it will be a healthier, younger looking you!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance your way to Fitness!

Millions of people have resolved to lose weight and remain trim this year. The resolutions come and go but do you manage to maintain your ideal weight.

Does it not become too cumbersome to follow strict schedules day after day in order to keep away that flab? Well here’s what you can do to bid adieu to the worrisome exercise regime.

Dancing is a fun way to lose weight. And here is how you can reach your ideal weight and maintain it- - - - - by dancing. Make sure you set aside some time for dancing at least five times a week

  • If you lead a very busy life and can hardly spare more than three days for the dance, then set aside only three days – there is no point in making schedules that cannot be adhered to
  • Pick a time that is convenient for you, preferably when you are alone at home so that you have the privacy to dance freely without feeling self conscious or inhibited
  • Make a list of your favorite numbers – those peppy, racy tunes that compel you to start dancing spontaneously
  • Only choose those numbers that have a nice upbeat sound to it; for variety, you can team up with a friend and make the session even more enjoyable
  • Try to dance continuously for twenty minutes
  • If it is not possible the first time, start with a five minute session and then gradually increase it to 20 minutes
  • Your song selection should be such that you enjoy every second of the music and alleviate the boredom of repetitive exercises
  • When you dance, you should be wearing comfortable clothing that allow you the freedom of movement
  • If there is always someone at home, then you can dance in the privacy of your room, wearing headphones so that other sounds do not distract you
  • Dance just as fast as you can so that you can talk without losing your breath while dancing
  • Remember not to dance too hard as you may harm or hurt yourself and get tired before you start burning the calories
  • If you want professionals to guide you, you can always join a dance class that specializes in helping you lose weight

 The benefits

  • You can lose calories by dancing, just as you would lose them by walking, swimming or cycling
  • Dancing automatically tones your muscles
  • It keeps them taut and reduces flabbiness
  • You can stay away from those dubious wonder pills that claim to help you lose weight without lifting a finger; wonder pills may often turn out to be quite harmful and lead to adverse side effects that cannot be reverted
  • Do not forget to drink lots of water everyday tomake up for the toxins flushed out effectively every day

 There are many resources on the Internet that can take the tedium out of weight-loss programs. And here is something that will put a smile on your face and help you look fab without the flab...  Check out  
Lose Weight by Dancing

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tips and Techniques for Great Looking Skin

The skin is the first part of the body that physically changes to show age, wear and tear. The choices we make in our early life are the choices our skin will reflect later in life.

Don’t you want to look younger? Let’s try some simple techniques like

If you want to look and feel younger exercising daily can prove to be better for body better that any bottled anti aging products.

Protect your skin from sun as it can cause wrinkles and age spots. So try using sunscreen that is free from toxic chemicals.

Stop smoking as it accelerate the normal aging process of your skin and contribute to wrinkles.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids such as fruits, vegetables etc.

Get your proper sleep as your body needs to produce human growth hormone an essential ingredient for skin that’s thick and less prone to wrinkle.

Exfoliate your skin a few times a week as it takes off dead skin cells.

Remove your stress by following meditation and yoga. Yoga relaxes the muscles and imparts a natural glow and fairness to the skin.

Drink plenty of water, as it will help to flush out the toxins from your body and cleanse them.

Expose yourself to early morning sun for a short time daily, it is heliotherapy or sun treatment. Sun is the source of power and energy.

Avoid alcohol as this dehydrates the body which is not good for the skin.

Home remedy for anti aging

• Vitamin E is well known home remedy for anti aging. Apply this daily on age spots it will fade away gradually.

• Try getting a proper facial massage as it increases blood circulation which results in tightening of the muscle and tissues and will help in restoring a younger look. Massage should start from neck upwards and end at the forehead.

• For a chemical free cleanser raw milk can be used. It cleans unseen dirt and goes down into your pores.

• Simple yoga practice like pranayama, siddhasana and sarvangasana can improve the blood circulation to your skin and will make you look young.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reach for That Chocolate and Remain Young!

Yes eating dark chocolate in moderation helps fight anti-aging. Just like spinach, olive oil and tomato chocolate, studies claim, can actually retard aging. The key word here is MODERATION.

What does chocolate contain that makes it so healthy? For one, chocolate contains flavonoids that reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

The flip side is, it's not that only chocolate contains flavonoids, lots of fruits and vegetables contain this health promoting substance too. So add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet, besides a little chocolate.

Yet, you'll be happy to know that the flavonoids in chocolates contain two substances called procyanidins and flavanols that are wonderful antioxidants. The same antioxidants are found in grape juice and green tea.

Did you know that optimum antioxidant levels in the bloodstream can help reduce risk of cancer by protecting DNA, protect your body against inflammation, besides helping keep blood vessels and heart in good condition?

Another point in f(l)avor of chocolates - lab tests have proved that antioxidant property of chocolate is more effective than that in green tea, black tea or red wine!

Here is some more good news about chocolates. Scientists have proved two anti-chocolate myths wrong.

Myth One: Chocolates cause migraine: Oh no! They do not

Myth Two: Chocolates rot healthy teeth: Oh no! Too much of anything sweet is harmful to teeth, if you do not maintain a healthy brush-floss-mouthwash regimen. Bitter chocolates, in moderation, do not harm teeth In fact they work against the harm sugar causes to teeth

Are you in pain? Have a chocolate! Yes chocolates are capable of helping release endorphins in the brain that are pain relievers. Research has also shown that stress levels are much lower in people who consume cocoa beans regularly. That is because chocolates have chemicals that can promote healthy blood flow and hence prevent blood clots and heart attacks.

Chocolates have important nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron, a load of Vitamins (A, B1, C, D, and E) and other important nutrients like nitric oxide that can keep you healthy. So when you want to eat this delicious health bar here is what you should remember

  • Dark chocolates are healthier than milk chocolates
  • Chocolates from reputed and well endorsed companies are preferable to brands you do not know much about
  • Avoid chocolates that are rich in saturated fats and sugars

 The latest on chocolates: Scientists have sequenced the genome of two cocoa trees. Cocoa being the basic ingredient in chocolates, this endeavor will create a premise for developing high quality cocoa beans from disease free trees.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Secret to Age Retarding – Facelift without Surgery!

Aging is a common natural process which can be delayed, if not prevented completely, by age retarding facial exercises. Exercising save you’re the trouble of going for expensive cosmetic surgery which can also be painful and may not provide the desired results.

These exercises if done systematically and consistently can help remove aging effects like muscle atrophy and make you look younger. These exercises have the power to revitalize your facial tissues and shape and contour your face easily. The other advantage is that you can perform these exercises at home or anywhere by using an anti-aging face roller whenever you find it convenient. The benefits are immense as you can look and feel good as you age.

Here are some simple exercises that help to rejuvenate your facial skin and tissues as facial skin is the first to show signs of aging.

• Face tone exercise is an effective age retarding exercise, where the facial skin is extended and pulled upwards. This helps in tightening of the skin. For this, mechanical gloves are used. Lotions, creams, or gels are applied to pads which are rotated over the face using a machine.

• Chewing a gum is a recommended anti aging facial exercise of the cheeks. The repeated motion will help in tightening your cheeks.

• Age retarding exercise for lips requires you to push your lips out and make a round shape, stretching them forward in the process. Now smile as wide as possible, hold for a second and resume the round shape again. This needs to be repeated 10 times a day.

• For the eyes, shutting them tightly and then opening them as wide as you can, helps in relaxation of the eyes.

• Another eye exercise is to press a finger on each side of your head at the temples and keep opening and closing the eyelids rapidly a few times. This is to tone up the eye muscles.

• Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed pose. Keeping your eyes closed, look up and down repeatedly for about 10 times.

• Look straight while sitting upright. Keep your eyes wide open and look up and down ten times. Then look left and right without moving your body or head. Repeat this for ten times.

• For the forehead frowning is a good exercise. Frown by bringing your eyebrows close to each other. Lifting your eyebrows, open your eyes as wide as you can. Repeat this 5 times.

• The other effective facial exercise is to repeatedly lift your eyebrows as much as you can then bring them down. This helps in keeping the forehead wrinkle free for a longer time by distressing it thereby retarding the aging process.

• Lines on the forehead are clearly visible. They can be removed with a simple exercise. Keep the pads of your middle fingers at the top of the nose bridge. Now place your index fingers each side of the bridge of your nose, just below your middle finger. Hold both fingers gently but firmly and gradually move the muscles under the fingers in an upward direction. Make four or five upward movements, holding 15 seconds and then return in four slow steps. Repeat this three times.

• To remove the sagging of eyelids, lie on the bed with your head hanging over the edge. Raise your eyebrows keeping your eyes wide open. Repeat this ten times.