Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance your way to Fitness!

Millions of people have resolved to lose weight and remain trim this year. The resolutions come and go but do you manage to maintain your ideal weight.

Does it not become too cumbersome to follow strict schedules day after day in order to keep away that flab? Well here’s what you can do to bid adieu to the worrisome exercise regime.

Dancing is a fun way to lose weight. And here is how you can reach your ideal weight and maintain it- - - - - by dancing. Make sure you set aside some time for dancing at least five times a week

  • If you lead a very busy life and can hardly spare more than three days for the dance, then set aside only three days – there is no point in making schedules that cannot be adhered to
  • Pick a time that is convenient for you, preferably when you are alone at home so that you have the privacy to dance freely without feeling self conscious or inhibited
  • Make a list of your favorite numbers – those peppy, racy tunes that compel you to start dancing spontaneously
  • Only choose those numbers that have a nice upbeat sound to it; for variety, you can team up with a friend and make the session even more enjoyable
  • Try to dance continuously for twenty minutes
  • If it is not possible the first time, start with a five minute session and then gradually increase it to 20 minutes
  • Your song selection should be such that you enjoy every second of the music and alleviate the boredom of repetitive exercises
  • When you dance, you should be wearing comfortable clothing that allow you the freedom of movement
  • If there is always someone at home, then you can dance in the privacy of your room, wearing headphones so that other sounds do not distract you
  • Dance just as fast as you can so that you can talk without losing your breath while dancing
  • Remember not to dance too hard as you may harm or hurt yourself and get tired before you start burning the calories
  • If you want professionals to guide you, you can always join a dance class that specializes in helping you lose weight

 The benefits

  • You can lose calories by dancing, just as you would lose them by walking, swimming or cycling
  • Dancing automatically tones your muscles
  • It keeps them taut and reduces flabbiness
  • You can stay away from those dubious wonder pills that claim to help you lose weight without lifting a finger; wonder pills may often turn out to be quite harmful and lead to adverse side effects that cannot be reverted
  • Do not forget to drink lots of water everyday tomake up for the toxins flushed out effectively every day

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Lose Weight by Dancing