Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hair Dy(e)ing?

It was Eugene Schueller, founder L’Oreal who is credited with the manufacture of the first artificial hair dye.

After that there have been hundreds of products that can change your hair color. The old could look younger by camouflaging the grayness, the young could look different the blond becoming a brunette and vice versa.

Synthetic hair dyes essentially remove, substitute or camouflage pigments that are found inside the normal hair shaft.

There are different kinds of dyes, temporary, semi permanent and permanent. Temporary dyes do not permeate into the inner layers of the scalp and can be removed with one shampoo wash.

Semi permanent hair dyes partially penetrate into the cuticle layer and so the artificial color stays on until you have shampooed your hair four or five times.

Permanent hair dyes allow the chemical ingredients to reach deep into the scalp through follicles, by means of which the cortex is reached and the color of the melamine lightens, changing the color of the hair.

There are also products available that can bleach or lighten the color of the hair.

However, all these synthetic dyes have several additives that may or may not suit your scalp. For instance, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), an ingredient found in permanent hair dyes, (because it lends a natural look to the dye) may cause swelling and redness of the face and scalp for those who are allergic to it.

Allergic reaction to dyes or prolonged use of dyes can lead to several adverse symptoms like

a. Permanent discoloration of the hair

b. Irritation and itching on the scalp

c. Breaking of the hairs

d. Some studies also point to a link between synthetic dyes and various forms of cancer. In fact the studies indicate that consistent use of synthetic hair dye increases the risk of blood cancer

It makes sense if you can dye your hair out of natural ingredients to keep it healthy, shining and looking young! Here are some tips for covering the grey naturally

Make a decoction using (1) a cup of water (2) a teaspoon of tea powder (3) 4/5 leaves of the hibiscus plant. Boil well and filter. To the water add pure henna powder until a thick paste is made.

After six hours, apply the paste on the hair evenly. Wash the henna off the hair using a very mild shampoo.

How to Stop Your Hair Loss &
Grow Back Your Hair - Naturally!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

11 Best Tips for a Glowing Skin

Skin it the largest organ in the body and like other organs we need to take adequate care of it to keep it healthy and glowing. Any type of skin care routine starts with cleaning the skin.

The simplest cleaning routine is washing with mild soap and water. Skin should be washed gently and moisturized regularly. There are different skin types and which determine how, how much and how often the cleansing routine should be followed. Most people clean their skins 2-3 times a day. If the skin is oily the cleansing routine should be done 4-5 times a day to wash away the dirt and unclog the pores.

People with dry skins should avoid using harsh cleansers and soaps which will have a drying effect on the skin. They need to use oil based cleansers instead of soap. Combination skins need cleansers with a balancing formula for avoiding moisture loss.

The Best Tips
  1. • A face mask of egg and honey gently removes tan from your face
  2. • Cucumber juice mixed with milk can be used as a cleanser
  3. • For a oily skin, cut a lemon and apply the juice over your face. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing off with cold water
  4. • Mix honey and milk and apply it on your face for 15 minutes. It will make your skin glow
  5. Apply buttermilk on skin for 15 minutes to soak up the excess oil.
  6. • Carrot juices , if applied daily on the skin will lighten blemishes
  7. • Orange Peels mixed with milk act as a natural bleaching agent. Apply for 25 minutes and wash it off
  8. • Sandalwood paste if applied everyday on the skin will make it glow.
  9. • Mash a banana/papaya and apply the paste on your face for 20 minutes to make your skin glow
  10. • Use olive oil as a moisturizer. It can be also used on a sunburn.
  11. • Cotton pads dipped in chilled cucumber juice will reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Foods rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A , Vitamin D and anti-oxidants such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, papaya, broccoli, Amla (Indian gooseberry) will provide the nutrients required to make your skin glow and free from wrinkles.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, protect your skin from the ultra-violet rays of the sun by using creams/lotions with Sun Protection Factor (SPF). UV rays will make your skin age faster causing wrinkles. Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses per day) and fresh fruit juices. Avoid carbonated drinks. Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Following these simple guidelines reward you with a permanently glowing skin!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why does it seem like Celebrities don’t Age?

Have you ever wondered about this question before? Have you wondered why celebrities have wrinkleless faces? They may call it power yoga or a healthy lifestyle but here’s your real answer – Botox.

Botox or botulinum toxin A is used in weakening the muscles which form wrinkles. In today’s time people use it to write off the crow’s feet, wrinkles and frown lines. The insertion of this toxin to the muscles paralyzes these muscles resulting in lesser contractions which in turn give a youthful appearance. The results can be seen for 3 to 6 months and the treatment can be done till the age of 65.

Botox treatments are physician-administered, uncomplicated and non-surgical. In fact it has been permitted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the only approval for its type in the US

The questions which arise about Botox treatments are- Does our face look natural after the procedure? Does it work? Can the treatment be stopped abruptly? Does it have side effects? … and so on

Let us try to answer some-

Firstly botox doesn’t drastically change your facial expressions. You can still look surprised or frown, just like you did before!
In a survey conducted nearly 90% people said they saw a reduction in wrinkles after the treatment. However this doesn’t happen in every case.
Yes, the treatment can be stopped after a session or two. The only difference is that the wrinkles will be back.
Like every other artificial procedure this too has wide ranging side effects like-
Swelling, numbness, redness, pain in the injected areas
Headaches, allergic reactions due to Botox
Respiratory infections and drooping of eyebrows and eyelids
Sometimes the consequences can be hazardous also. In case of overdose or a wrong a muscle getting injected, seek medical help immediately.

It is advisable to visit a well qualified health care professional and get a clear picture of what the procedure entails, before you opt for the procedure

Trying to slow down the aging process is a challenge. Everyone wants to look young. But those who do it in a healthy and sustaining manner are the real winners.

Be well informed before you you do anything your face – Just educate yourself !

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Anti Aging - Beyond Creams or Cosmetic Surgery

Are skin firming creams and cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) the only solutions to stop aging?

When it comes to aging you think about the time you spent in the sun with no sunscreen as a kid, those late night parties as young adults. Later years of never ending nights spent worrying about careers, family and financial issues along with life’s trial and tribulations wreak havoc on your skin and general health that reflects on your appearance. Suddenly you realize the need to exploring the ways and methods of stopping those annoying signs of aging in the hope of combating ‘Mother Nature’.

You begin with applying Anti ageing creams and go through a long process of finding the right product by making your skin a testing ground for every product that someone recommends. Some impatient souls might consider undergoing a plastic surgery if you are not worried about the cost as this is seen as a popular method of defying age.

However there are various other ancient therapies like Ayurveda and modern treatments that effectively reduce the effects of aging. These therapies provide natural supplements to correct the deficiencies through lifestyle changes such as proper dieting, avoiding fat-rich foods, taking adequate rest, exercising regularly. You can also chose from a variety of conditioning therapies like spa, massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture.

Home remedies using face packs, scrubs and the more advanced and sophisticated facials using special preparations by trained beauticians also help in fighting aging to some extent. They involve the use of medicinal herbs and natural supplements such as Aloe Vera, sandalwood paste, lemon, jojoba oil, fagus, silvatica extract, lecithin, niacinamide etc. They are rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin, reduce free radical hits, remove dead cells and minimize cellular damage and formation of abnormal cells.

The truth is there is no overnight magic solution in anti aging. Here are some indirect ways in which you can benefit in keeping the skin ageless:

Proper Diet
Low calorie diet with a balance of all nutrients with plenty of water intake is the ideal menu for all. Raw food rich in vitamins and minerals act as rich sources of anti aging agents.

Regular exercise keeps you fit and stress free, and thus reducing your aging process.

Restful Sleep
No anti aging or beauty regimen is complete or effective without a disciplined lifestyle of adequate restful sleep.

Meditation and yoga are beneficial for anti aging in terms of pacifying the mind and nervous system and promoting the supply of oxygen to the cells and improving blood circulation.

Environmental factors and stress further contribute to the aging process. While you cannot entirely escape aging, you can definitely slow down the aging process by limiting the damage to your skin.