Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hair Dy(e)ing?

It was Eugene Schueller, founder L’Oreal who is credited with the manufacture of the first artificial hair dye.

After that there have been hundreds of products that can change your hair color. The old could look younger by camouflaging the grayness, the young could look different the blond becoming a brunette and vice versa.

Synthetic hair dyes essentially remove, substitute or camouflage pigments that are found inside the normal hair shaft.

There are different kinds of dyes, temporary, semi permanent and permanent. Temporary dyes do not permeate into the inner layers of the scalp and can be removed with one shampoo wash.

Semi permanent hair dyes partially penetrate into the cuticle layer and so the artificial color stays on until you have shampooed your hair four or five times.

Permanent hair dyes allow the chemical ingredients to reach deep into the scalp through follicles, by means of which the cortex is reached and the color of the melamine lightens, changing the color of the hair.

There are also products available that can bleach or lighten the color of the hair.

However, all these synthetic dyes have several additives that may or may not suit your scalp. For instance, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), an ingredient found in permanent hair dyes, (because it lends a natural look to the dye) may cause swelling and redness of the face and scalp for those who are allergic to it.

Allergic reaction to dyes or prolonged use of dyes can lead to several adverse symptoms like

a. Permanent discoloration of the hair

b. Irritation and itching on the scalp

c. Breaking of the hairs

d. Some studies also point to a link between synthetic dyes and various forms of cancer. In fact the studies indicate that consistent use of synthetic hair dye increases the risk of blood cancer

It makes sense if you can dye your hair out of natural ingredients to keep it healthy, shining and looking young! Here are some tips for covering the grey naturally

Make a decoction using (1) a cup of water (2) a teaspoon of tea powder (3) 4/5 leaves of the hibiscus plant. Boil well and filter. To the water add pure henna powder until a thick paste is made.

After six hours, apply the paste on the hair evenly. Wash the henna off the hair using a very mild shampoo.

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