Saturday, June 5, 2010

30 Minutes to a Younger You!

It is true! Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can make you feel much younger and healthier. A consistent daily routine of exercise can actually slow down the aging process! There are some specific exercises that can stop the aging clock!

The benefits of exercising are innumerable, and I am sure you know that only too well! Yet I will list some of the benefits here. Exercise

• Provides resistance to diseases

• Provides relief from stress and tension

• Gives relief from joint and back pains

• Rejuvenates the skin and prevents sagging of skin

• Helps in giving better posture and balance and decreases the chances of rheumatoid arthritis.

There are basically 3 types of exercises for anti-aging-

Strength building: It type of exercise gives your muscles and bones sturdiness. This also lessons the chances of a incapacitating injury.

Cardiovascular: These exercises are for a healthy heart. Brisk walks, aerobics, jogging and other exercises increase the heart rates leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Flexibility: This is maybe the most important type of exercise for anti-aging, as it increases blood circulation and gives out serotonin. This chemical is a necessity for the overall welfare of the body.

The exercise does not have to rigorous and exhausting. A simple walk or gardening can do the job. A regular walking routine can give you more energy and make you healthier.

A research showed evidence that golf players lived longer than non golf players. Thus golf can be played for increasing life expectancy.

But over exercising can counter the benefits and even turn harmful. A study has revealed that the burning up of more than 3500 calories a day increases harmful effects of free radicals and cellular oxidation. Further, it can cause depression and sleeplessness.

Inactivity in old age is possibly the biggest cause of aging. Exercise and an active lifestyle can help you look younger and most importantly, feel younger!

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