Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anti Wrinkle Creams – Myth or Magic?

Where is my anti-wrinkle cream?

Seeing lines appearing on the forehead and neck can be really annoying for anyone especially those who are conscious about their looks. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, the exposure to sun rays, habitual smoking and a poor diet are the biggest contributors to wrinkles.

The only way people could get rid of their wrinkles or age spots was only by visiting a doctor not so long ago. Anti Wrinkle creams allow you to treat your problem areas in the privacy of your homes. The effect of the anti wrinkle face cream products can last anywhere from eight to ten hours so you stay fresh through out the day. But, there are some products promising you lasting or permanent results.

Ads with good hype on their efficacy and magical results are seen in every medium promoting one product or another. However it is your own responsibility to look at the ingredients of the anti wrinkle face cream and make sure it is safe to use. You can use the products prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist who knows what would work for your skin type.

Myths surrounding anti-wrinkle creams:

1. Anti wrinkle creams are used only by women – The statistics say the opposite. 50 percent of anti wrinkle cream buyers are men.

2. Anti wrinkle creams give instant benefits – It would take at least 30 days with constant application of proven ingredients to see a positive result.

3. No supplement of hydration needed for anti wrinkle creams with that contain hydration ingredients – Drinking plenty of water everyday is critical for any anti wrinkle cream to work or else their power is reduced to half.

4. Only old people should use anti wrinkle creams – Wrong. In fact people belonging to the age group of 35 and above can benefit to retain their young looking skin that way for longer years.

What is magic about anti wrinkle cream?

There is nothing magic as far as anti wrinkle creams are concerned. It is up to you to dispel all myths and find a suitable anti wrinkle cream. There is no magic about getting rid of wrinkles and you must understand that the process takes time.

There are many reliable products with breakthrough ingredients that are highly effective available in the market though they may be expensive. New developments in skin care and anti aging fields have made it possible to retain youthful skin with the use of these creams. Natural ingredients like essential oils, vitamins and minerals and emollients are very effective in fighting wrinkles.

The effective and harmless anti wrinkle ingredients were discovered through years of scientific research. Today the anti wrinkle cream is part of the most happening industry in the world.

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