Monday, June 14, 2010

Anti Aging Facial Exercises to Look Younger

Aging is a natural phenomenon. As we age, the facial skin develops wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and other aging symptoms. Everyone tries to look younger in some way by reducing wrinkles or by coloring the gray hair and wearing contact lens. There are expensive solutions offered by the beauty salons and medical solutions such as a cosmetic or plastic surgery. Eating healthy food and a good exercise program are the natural and cheapest ways to improve your skin to prevent or retard aging. The least expensive and practical way within the reach of all is through Anti Aging Facial Exercises.

Anti aging facial exercises increase the blood circulation which makes your face stress free and relaxed. These exercises can be performed even at home by buying yourself an anti-aging face roller which you can use anytime and anywhere. These exercises help to shape and contour your face easily and without the high costs of going for a cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Following are some simple exercises that revitalize your facial skin and tissues to ensure that you are on your way to a healthier and more beautiful skin, looking younger for a long time.

• An easy facial exercise is to repeatedly lift your eyebrows as much as you can then bring them down. This is one of the highly effective anti aging facial exercises that helps in keeping the forehead wrinkle free for a longer time by distressing it

• For the eyes, shutting them tightly and then opening them as wide as you can, helps in relaxation of the eyes

• Chewing a gum is a recommended anti Aging facial exercise of the cheeks. The repeated motion will help in tightening your cheeks

• Face tone exercise is an effective anti aging facial exercise, where the facial skin is extended and pulled upwards. This helps in tightening of the skin. For this, mechanical gloves are used. Lotions, creams, or gels are applied to pads which are rotated over the face using a machine. This helps in minimizing the wrinkles from aging and weather beats.

• Anti aging facial exercise for lips requires you to push your lips out and make a round shape, stretching them forward in the process. Now smile as wide as possible, hold for a second and resume the round shape again. This needs to be repeated 10 times a day

• To remove frown lines, place the pads of your middle fingers at the top of the nose bridge. Now place your index fingers each side of the bridge of your nose, just below your middle finger. Hold both fingers gently but firmly and gradually move the muscles under the fingers in an upward direction. Make four or five tiny upward movements, hold for 15 seconds and then return in four slow steps. Repeat this three times.

• Aging causes the eyelids to droop. To help you to get rid of this, curve your index fingers and place them under each eyebrow, following the eyebrow shape. Now push up with your fingers, raising your brows slightly in the process. Hold in that position and close your eyes without moving your fingers or eyebrows. The upper eyelid now needs to be moved downwards over your eyes in small movements. Doing this, you will feel a gentle stretch on the upper lids. When your eyelids are fully closed over your eye at full stretch, hold them for 15 seconds and then gently release the stretch and open the eye. Repeat this three times.

Anti aging facial exercises can systematically and consistently help your face avoid aging effects and look healthier, prettier, and younger.

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