Friday, April 3, 2015

8 Ways in which Sleep aids Anti-aging

 (And 8 Tricks to Help you Sleep Better)

The Dalai Lama accords a lot of importance by saying, “Sleeping is the best meditation”.  Anti-aging never had a better ally than a healthy sleeping habit! Sleep creates an automatic shield against skin aging and strengthens your immune system in several ways.  Want to know how?
Good sleeping habits help in giving you

1.      Skin rejuvenation by keeping at bay
a)      Puffy eyelids
b)      Wrinkles and fine lines
c)      Dark circles around the eyes
d)      Acne
2.      A glowing complexion
3.      Alert, calm and refreshed on waking
4.      Less mood swings, more optimism and enthusiasm
5.      Motor skills and memory improved
6.      Cellular regeneration that helps in keeping you looking good and feeling good
7.      Inflammation, if any, is reduced
8.      Increased life span due to improved
    a)      Endocrine levels and glucose tolerance
    b)      Immune system
    c)      Blood pressure levels
    d)      Memory power, alertness and performance
    e)      Body fat levels